Thursday, September 5, 2013

the internet is a BIG BIG place

The first week of COM 125. 

This week, was the first week of COM 125 and the start of the fall semester. Although its the first week, I have already learnt something new. And that is what Web 2.0 really means. i always thought that the name was just a fancy way of naming the internet because anything with 2.0 sounds cooler than its predecessor. 

The Internet is an very interesting thing indeed. Considering that it was created only a while back, not even a century, it has grown into something that many of us cannot live without. It has become a means of communication, acquiring information, sharing new form of content and so forth. 

As the image clearly shows, in less than a century, the amount of domain names has increase exponentially. There are so many webpages on the Internet and we as humans cannot possibly finish reading all the pages or would probably never even see half the pages there are on the Internet. 
That kind of makes the Internet a rather intimidating place. Even the world's thickest book published had only 4032 pages as compared to the internet! 

Considering the growth rate of the internet, it is actually quite amazing hat something that was started out as different entities have eventually bloomed into something that the world shares as one. In the modern day, the internet is something almost everyone has access to and almost everyone, especially in the developed countries, find it hard to live without. 

The technologies available today has made using the Internet so much more easier and friendlier than before. It is now so much easier to create content on the Internet than before. There are many software out there to help people create the contents that they desire with just a few clicks. Other tools are also available to make the Internet a much more friendlier place. Such tools that has made the Internet easier to use are tools like domain names, which are essentially virtual addresses for sites, that allows for users to easily locate the page that they desire by keying in the address in the URL bar. There are other tools that help people access the Internet better, such as bookmarks that \remembers\ certain addresses so that someone can easily access a page. There are also servers that allows people ti host their own page for free, allowing them to share content that they have created. Blogger and yOutUbe are examples of such servers. These tools and servers and softwares has created a portal for people to create, share and explore the Internet and bring the it to a whole new different platform. Like I mentioned before, the term Web 2.0 has a meaning and it means a web that does not just display documents and so forth, it allows for the users to interact with it by creating their own content and viewing other people's content. We are in the current age of web 2.0 and the constantly advancing technology of the Internet has allow for that to happen. And very soon, we will enter the age of the Web 3.0 where further advance in technology would create a web that is smart like us.  

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