Monday, November 25, 2013

Not so fiction science fiction.

Imagine, one day we do not have to hold phones anymore. Or people can have hologram of themselves to interact with people when their body is in a deep coma. Or we can use the internet and monitor for possible criminals. Or have digital assistance that can help us with our daily lives. Or robots that we control from the safety of our home to fight wars or mine in dangerous locations.

These ideals probably sound really far fetch to some people. But these ideas are taken from various sci-fi movies or action movies and some from Japanese animes. All of which are talking about the future. Some might sound familiar. Like the digital assistance, think of JAVIS from Iron Man or the robots we control from the safety of our homes an idea that originated from SURROGATES that movie.

And really, they are not so far fetch at all. There are many inventions and innovations now that has created technologies that are getting closer and closer to that of si-fi movies and animations. One such technology is Google glasses.
With this invention, gone are the days that we have to walk around looking at our phones and fumbling with several things on our hands like bags or books, just to answer a phone call. With such a technology, we can easily pick up the phone and hold a conversation with someone without having to use our hands. We can skype someone on the go or talk on Hangout with a group of friends while eating a steak with for and knife. Its the literal meaning of hands-free. 

How about OKGoogle? Its design to be a voice recognition software that aids in a user's use of the Internet. It is something thats getting really close to JAVIS is it not? All the user had to do is say 'Ok Google so forth and so forth' and google would do the said task. Albeit not as functional as JAVIS or integrated into our daily lives, but its a start in the right direction. 

There are many technology out there that are bringing us closer and closer to the future as shown in si-fi movies and other futuristic movies. 

However, like every movie, there is always a plot twist. If anyone remembers terminator. Where the world of the future was run by an Internet intelligence that was created to serve humans. And this intelligence created robots to hunt down humans because it wanted to control the world.  What if one day our creations turns against us and we become to entertainment source for them? This might seem a bit far fetch now but there is always that possibility. 

Of course, at the moment we should not look so far. Instead we should be focusing our attentions on something more nearby. Google has plans to implant a microchip in our head to aid us in better search capabilities. It can send information of our thoughts to the server and pull back results about things we are unclear of. Sounds useful does it not? But ever since the Snowden leak in the middle of the year, there are concerns that have been raised. Would this chip also allows governments to spy on us?  What if hackers got hold of the chip in our head. Would they not be stealing our private thoughts? This brings with it a whole new pot of questions and critics. Most surrounding the bridge of privacy that such a chip can cause. Questions have been raised about privacy of the individual in the future. 

Personally, I do not think I would really want a chip inside my brain monitoring me. What about you ? Would you want that?


  1. the idea of planting a microchip in the head is creepy. I feel that the internet is important and I understand why google would want to do that. However, I believe that we should maintain our humanity. What has kept us alive and surviving for so long on planet earth is our brain. And our mind. If we allow ourselves to be compromised in that manner, then we are really not as intelligent as we think we are. Are search functions really that important?

  2. I agree with you on that note. Its beyond creepy if you ask me