Monday, November 25, 2013


I feel that although i know alot about the internet, this class has showed me a whole lot more about the internet. I learnt many new things in the course and found many new and interesting things about the internet as i was doing my blog.

I made better use of google and its applications after learning about it in one of the classes and am able to better explain how ebusiness works to other people. At the same time, I learnt more about internet security as I was doing the project for the class. I learnt that we have to be very careful when we go online and that we should always be mindful of the activities that we do.

I feel like I learn quite a few things about the Internet and the possible future of the Internet. I am glad that I was able to take this class and be exposed to so many new and interesting things. If it was not for this class, I would not have done so much digging through the internet and i would not have known the things I know today.

I started out thinking it would be a dull and uninteresting class, But it turned out to be something novel and interesting.

Thank you Mr Choy for opening my eyes to the internet and this is indeed a very informative class.

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